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MC Riders

$8556.1 Raised
40 cooling vests for people living with MS to better help manage body temperature.
Event Date: 17/6/2018
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$10000 goal

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Lee Williams

MC Riders

Sponsor us to support people living with MS and fund research to find a cure.

Team MC Riders are new to the Brissie to the Bay event this year. We are a combination of friends and family with loved ones who have been affected by this disease, and are looking forward to making the best contribution we can to this awesome cause.

Any donations you make help care for those suffering from MS, as well as provide much-needed funds for research. It's amazing how far treatments have come in the last few decades, so let's keep the progress steaming along! Our goal is to collectively raise $10,000, so any contributions would be met with tidal waves of appreciation (and good karma)!

Thanks for your support!


P.S. I can't figure out how to send thankyou messages to people who have donated, but rest assured we appreciate every dollar! Thank you sooooo much!



14/05/2018  |  
Anonymous  |  
7/02/2018  |  
Glen  |  
Be Good. Ride Safe.
2/02/2018  |  
Anonymous  |  
Great purpose. Wish I could go with you.
1/02/2018  |  
Lee Williams  |  
Wonderful idea,Tim. Have a great ride!